Good Good Father

Thoughts on Father's Day 2015 and throughout the summer as I captured these moments that melted my heart with my youngest son and his father, my husband.

"You're a good Father
and I'm loved by you."*
That's where I'll stay,
in that place,
living from the Father's heart.
The place that says
I take great delight in you
like a father watching his son in action
I rejoice over you with singing
like a mother quiets her baby with a lullaby
My quiet love surrounds you
like a blanket of peace.

You are good.
Good - a word so worn out.

Websters' begins to define good as:

honorable, kind, complete, virtuous, sound, wholesome, pleasant, real, benevolent, bountiful, commendable.

One who adores me,
Who holds me,
Shows me and tells me He loves me,
Takes delight in who I am.
Perfect (complete) love
always for me.

*from Good Good Father by Housefires
Good Good Father by Housefires