The Clash

The kids had come home one day, baffled about the rudeness and lack of honor for them, just because they were young. 

Sometimes when people ignore you
or don't honor you
or just flat out treat you rudely,
the reason is more than "they are having a bad day."

This is the reality:
when the Kingdom of Heaven,
Jesus in you,
meets the kingdom of this world
that lives in someone else,
there is either:

A recognition and honor of the peace,
position, power, authority, grace and favor you carry,

Or quite possibly
a confrontation,
a clash,
of the power of darkness that would try to exalt itself over
the One true king.

So don't let their actions or behaviors
determine the truth about you.
Remember and renew your mind
with what it true about you.
WHOSE you are
and WHO you are.
Lift your gaze to your Heavenly Father,
receive His smiling countenance upon you,
and journey on.
Full of joy.

You are unstoppable.
You are children of the Light.