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Bending Low

I saw this tree while stuck in traffic on the way to training one morning. A visual reminder of how I feel right now.

Bending over.
Bending low.
That one word "bending" describes this season of life.


It's humbling not knowing everything by experience because I don't have experience in this area of my life, my new job. Or taking my place, wherever I am. At home, at work, with my family, and in life.

So I bend low.
Asking questions of those who have gone before and those who supervise me, ones with experience, and ones whose names I have forgotten for the tenth time.

I bend over.
With the weight of having to look up information and locating the "how to" deal with this and that. I would much rather easily recall it to memory. But I can't yet. I can only process so much newness at a time.

I ask the hard question:
What would love look like?
When I run into someone I knew,
who has hit hard times of accusation.
I could choose to walk away.
But, it wa…

A New Dawn

A few months ago, ready for a new thing, I applied for a job. I stumbled upon this new interest by volunteering. There was favor. But the short background story is: While I felt like I was applying for a specific position at a specific location, the way the "system" works, I had to apply for the specific job at ANY location. My application got selected. Then I made it to the interview process. While interviewing, I was shocked to learn that the specific location I was interested in was taken by someone already in the system. 

I held you
firm in my grasp,

I watched you
in the palm of my own hand.

Your words, Father,
the promise.

The feeling
no - wait.
the knowing.

Time to branch out
do something new.
There's more to life.

And I thought I found you.

and favor.
The way was paved.

But here I stand-

Like sand, you slipped right though my hand.
And I don't know if that was me 
or if 

Did I not believe?
Did I get carried away?

What the heck happened?

Because I ca…

Wandering Lost: Out of Season

"Not all who wander are lost," I resonated with this quote from JRR Tolkien's book Lord of the Rings.

I feel lost.
But does that mean I am?

I am wandering,
Where is my place?
What am I to do this season?
Who am I to be this season of life?

I recently connected with this truth Christine Caine spoke, "Sometimes when you think you're in a dark place, you've really been planted."

It IS dark,
  in the dirt.
It feels breathless

And here's His sweet reminder to me, a month or two after I started this post.

Not all who wander are lost.
Remember feeling lost Kim?
You never were.
Never are.
I am opening up new doors for you. 
Be willing and available.
Just as your kids have their own calling and purpose, 
  you do as well.
Your husband is on his own path.
Remember, your "seasons" might not match up with others' seasons
 and that is okay. 
Don't try to rush it or endure it,
  whatever the season.



You are New, So be New!

I am new.
I am in Christ.
Living from
Not to.

You found me,
 I am changed - drastically
You in me,
 I follow your lead - faithfully

Not losing heart,
submerged in you,
living from that reality
I am new.

Displaying a majestic kingdom picture
Many, yet one
elements of destiny,
pieces of a puzzle undone
fitting together, interlocked
body of Christ as one.

Who I truly am:
of Christ
and spirit led
enables me to live from the kingdom
to the world around me.

So I remind myself:

You are new, 
So be new.

Honor all others,
as honor given to the Lord.
Standing firm.
Jesus, you are my armor.
Peace, love and grace
out of me freely flow.

We recently completed a study on Ephesians. It was amazing to see the whole book as one theme. Thank you to my dear friend Gina! This poem's for you.

Out of Season

In September,
  seasons and atmospheres weren't    
  matching up.
The muggy reality around me,
  the thick atmosphere,
doesn't match the season of autumn,
  where you find cool and crisp, and  
  beautiful colors,
  revealed in changing leaves.

In November,
I spot you.
Beautiful yellow flower.

You stand out against the dead leaves all around you
like a forgotten piece of luggage at the airport terminal,
and the crisp blue sky is the perfect backdrop.

Hello! It's not the right season for you.
Did no one tell you? It's not spring,
  nor summer,
  but it's fall!

But really, don't let anyone tell you
you're in the wrong season,
just because you're not in their season.

Because, oh, how you stand out - wow!
How beautiful!
You are not constrained by what's around you.
You have chosen to bloom because it's your season to bloom.
Like a tulip poking through the snow,
one might think you're a "late bloomer" flower in the fall.

On a warm day…