Out of Season

Fall mums
In September,
  seasons and atmospheres weren't    
  matching up.
The muggy reality around me,
  the thick atmosphere,
doesn't match the season of autumn,
  where you find cool and crisp, and  
  beautiful colors,
  revealed in changing leaves.

Late fall

In November,
I spot you.
Beautiful yellow flower.

You stand out against the dead leaves all around you
like a forgotten piece of luggage at the airport terminal,
and the crisp blue sky is the perfect backdrop.

Hello! It's not the right season for you.
Did no one tell you? It's not spring,
  nor summer,
  but it's fall!

But really, don't let anyone tell you
you're in the wrong season,
just because you're not in their season.

Because, oh, how you stand out - wow!
How beautiful!
You are not constrained by what's around you.
You have chosen to bloom because it's your season to bloom.
Like a tulip poking through the snow,
one might think you're a "late bloomer" flower in the fall.

On a warm day in late December,
I see another lonely yellow flower,
Right outside my door, in my own front yard.
And I say
Carry on
  and bloom your bright yellow.
Bring beauty,
  and light
  and life
in the winter season
  where everything else is dying.