Bending Low

I saw this tree while stuck in traffic on the way to training one morning. A visual reminder of how I feel right now.

Bending over.
Bending low.
That one word "bending" describes this season of life.


It's humbling not knowing everything by experience because I don't have experience in this area of my life, my new job. Or taking my place, wherever I am. At home, at work, with my family, and in life.

So I bend low.
Asking questions of those who have gone before and those who supervise me, ones with experience, and ones whose names I have forgotten for the tenth time.

I bend over.
With the weight of having to look up information and locating the "how to" deal with this and that. I would much rather easily recall it to memory. But I can't yet. I can only process so much newness at a time.

I ask the hard question:
What would love look like?
When I run into someone I knew,
who has hit hard times of accusation.
I could choose to walk away.
But, it was not an accident,
seeing her at the store
that spring afternoon.
So I hug her. Tell her we love her and are praying for her. Wish I would have told her that this does not define her. This is NOT who she is.

There is nothing else to offer in these situations, but love.
The Father's love.
Through me being me.

It's a good place to be.
Bending low.
Looking up to the sky.