Just this picture the other morning.

The morning we found out
new things were on the horizon.

And that life was not going to feel simple
for awhile.

The day of new beginnings.
How appropriate.

Jehovah Shammah - the Lord who is there. 

"Religion is trying to get TO God, but God wants you to rediscover the simplicity of the garden where you enjoy his presence as a child," writes Sylvia Gunter. 

And I just find the desire to keep things simple this past Christmas - no fuss.


*Free from guile and vanity and ostentation
*of humble origin
*SHEER, UNmixed
*free of secondary complications
*constituting a basic element/fundamental
*not divided
*no limited or restricted - unconditional.

I let this wash over me.


The beauty of of light on a leaf.
a sunrise.
a promise.

Be blessed in the name of the one who guides you in paths of righteousness for His name's sake Psalms 23:3



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