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Catch the Wind

A sad night ... after making the first cuts and practicing for months - literally, our youngest found out he did not make the JV soccer team this year at high school. I leaned over to kiss your head,
and it was like yesterday.
You were a toddler again 
running to snuggle with me
when you were sad. Now you’re this man child,
Too big to sit on my lap.
And my arms are not the place
you want to run to. I wanted you to make the team 
      It hurts.
And I feel the weight of your disappointment. Because You are so
Coachable. But this stumbling block in the road, 

does.  not.  define.  you. Take it    and learn      and grow.
Like you did the one time you didn’t get a new belt after testing in karate; Sensei said you needed more time and confidence. Like Michael Jordan, who was "too short" at 5'11" to play for his school's JV basketball team as a sophomore. Like countless others who had a goal and a passion and it took a long route to get there. Catch the wind.

You …