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What Kind of Wonder

I see that word
Twice now On the back of a cab As I’m driving around this busy place.
Might have even been a year ago
When I first saw that same cab Maybe he lives near me Or maybe You’re trying to remind me of something
There are two types of wonder
Sometimes you wonder Wonder how it will all work out Wonder if you make the right decisions Focused on the right things Wonder if there is time for this or that
That’s the wrong kind of wonder It implies doubt
Doubt lives in fear It does not live in love
You have a choice What kind of wonder will you live in? Because
I make you wonder
That’s what I hear the Spirit whisper in my ear
I make you wonder – Marvel at how things work    when you least expect Blessings overwhelming
Suddenly the boy makes the travel soccer team The house to rent - sight unseen - that you’re still living in seven years later The perfect fit of a job for your husband after one career had finished
Wonder at the grace of new seasons Wonder where the strength for the daily battles comes from Wonder…

Stop Playing the Game

The balls sit untouched On an empty tennis court The same ballsI kept returning to you. Unintentionally. Unwillingly.
I didn't realize I kept picking them up And hitting them back to you.