Stop Playing the Game

The balls sit untouched  
On an empty tennis court 
The same balls I kept returning to you.  

I didn't realize I kept picking them up 
And hitting them back to you.  
Me being me – kind to a fault. 

Yet my fear that this “game”
was even being played    
Had now become a reality. 

Truth is 
I don't want to play. 

Because this game 
was uncomfortable 
and awkward 
at best   
and annoying 
at worst.  

This game touched a deep place.  
One that I thought had healed 
and had been restored. 
Which made it all the more frustrating.  

My cry of exasperation was answered  
By Holy Spirit’s whisper, 
“Stop playing the game.”  
I couldn’t fathom,  
How to make it any more apparent -
That I was not interested in the game.  
Gradually, I stopped picking up the balls 
Stopped returning them. 
I simply stood there...not playing 
Thinking it would be enough.  
But the balls just kept falling at my feet. 
It felt rude to just stand there 
But I had heard the voice of Wisdom 
And over time, 
I discovered how to stay off the court completely.

Game over.  


Gina G. said…
S E R I O U S L Y. It is such a process. Realizing that there is a game, assessing your role, eliminating your role, stepping off the court altogether.