Holding On

What are you holding on to?
He asks so gently.
Apparently . . .

And there's only One thing worth holding on to
One person.
The One.

Over and over
again and again
I realize,
I am not.

I’m holding on to:
My normal grocery trips
My daily routine - weekday or weekend
My plan for the days, the weeks, the months, and the year
My son's soccer games and school days
My daughter's college schedule and part-time work
And what WAS my job
Life being,
The way it used to be.

Is it worth it?
Holding on to that?
Whatever “that” is
Instead of Him?

Yet everywhere I turn,
Something else seems to be taken away
And I am painfully aware I was still holding on to
Something good, but still a misplaced fulfillment

Playing tennis with the family,
The courts now locked
Using our master bath upstairs,
A leak into the kitchen below
Lights in the kitchen unusable,
Temporary lighting moved to replace it

A wise soul (Dave Hollis) said, 
"When this is all over and we finally return to “normal” we need to decide what parts of normal are worth holding on to."

Well said.
But the deeper, more pressing question is
Who are you holding on to?

All of this
It's an annoyance.
There is a need to become un-annoyable,
To practice love
And be content in Jesus’ existence.
The only thing that I truly desire and hold on to is to remain, abiding in the light, every moment of every day, to experience His delight, to search out His spaciousness, for He lives in you and He lives in me. Psalm 27:4 (my personalization)


Unknown said…
Kim, I love this. I so admire your gift with words that, not only, sound beautiful, but look beautiful on the page. Seriously, it is a gift. I am so glad you shared this with me. Thank you for pointing all of us to trust in a Sovereign Lord! Praise Him!