Tired of Walking in the Dark

I speak these words 
as I'm out for my daily walk 
in January of this year.

Ever since the time change,
the "Fall Back" of the clock,
my walk has to occur much earlier in the day
or I find myself 
Stumbling in the dark.

If I don't walk in the daylight,
I can bring along a flashlight.
But that illuminates only the path in front of me,
while everything else remains dark.

I prefer to walk in the light,
the light of day
to see the beauty all around me.

There is this revelation truth 

hitting me as I ponder the deeper meaning.

I ponder how I'm
tired of walking in the dark
and the cold,
and the rain.

My spirit shouts "YES!" 
as it agrees with my body.

I AM tired of walking in the dark,
of not seeing the world around me, 
illuminated by His light.

Just like I am tired of not seeing clearly
and finding I need readers to do close up work
or everything is a bit unrecognizable.

The beauty of clarity.
The ease of seeing in clarity.
As I put on the lenses,
Everything comes into focus.
Everything becomes clear.

It's no wonder this year is 20/20
The reference to vision -
Reminding us all 
how important it is 
to see clearly.

To see in His revelation illumination.
To see Him in me.
To see me in Him.

To look in the mirror
and see me
Because I see Him.


After my last eye exam
I switched the contacts with built-in bifocals.
I notice that no matter where I look,
I can see clearly.
It's uncanny how with the right perspective,
Everything becomes clear.

So then, if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. Mt. 6:22